W.D. Amaradeva, The Maestro of Sri Lankan Music

“Sannaliyane”–Watch on YouTube

Deshamanya Wannakuwatta Waduge Don Albert Perera, more commonly known as Amaradeva, was a Sri Lankan musician, singer and composer. Through experimentation with traditional forms of music, he helped develop the sarala gee genre, a modern blend of North Indian ragas and Sinhala folk music.

As a child, Amaradeva was trained on the violin, but as he studied traditional forms, he incorporated sitars, tablas and other indigenous instruments into his music. He even invented an instrument, the mando-harp, which he often played in performances.

Amaradeva (December 5, 1927-November 3, 2016) composed music for ballets, films, theater, radio and television and toured worldwide. He was a revered national figure (a week of national mourning was declared at his passing), and many international awards, titles and honorary degrees were bestowed upon him.

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