Matt Roberts, Founding Lead Guitarist of 3 Doors Down

“Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down-Vevo Video

Matt Roberts (January 10, 1978-August 21, 2016) was the lead and founding guitarist of 3 Doors Down, a Mississippi-based post-grunge band that gained wide popularity in the late 90s and early aughts, especially after the release of their debut album The Better Life.

Post-grunge is an offshoot of Seattle-based  Nirvana and Pearl Jam, bands who defined the grunge sound with distorted guitars and angst-ridden lyrics. Once those groups had started to build a big following, other bands and labels started to capitalize on their sound (if not their attitudes). Bush, Candlebox and Collective Soul were part of this first phase.

3 Doors Down represents the second wave of post-grunge along with Creed and Nickelback. While not always critical favorites, 3 Doors Down have definitely been fan favorites, with two multi-platinum albums and top-charting singles. A relentless touring schedule has boosted fan loyalty, while taking its toll: Roberts left the band in 2012, citing health reasons.

“Loser” from The Better Life on Spotify