Juan Gabriel, the “Divo of Juarez”

“Hasta Que Te Conocí”–Vevo Video on YouTube (“Until I Met You”)

Juan Gabriel was a Mexican superstar with multiple Grammy nominations and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A prolific artist, he sold more than 100 million records since his debut in 1971 and was known for his showmanship during marathon concerts. Just last Friday he gave a sold-out concert at the Inglewood Forum in California.

Gabriel (January 7, 1950-August 28, 2016) retained traditional aspects of Mexican music, such as mariachi, even as he kept pace with musical trends.

A CNN post quoted a tweet by Maria Atencio, a news anchor for Fusion and Univision: “We lost our Prince, our Bowie, our Elton John.”

“Querida” from Los Dúo on Spotify

Irving Fields, Pianist Who Recorded Hit Album “Bagels and Bongos”

“Miami Beach Rhumba”–Video on YouTube

Irving Fields made a career out of mashing up musical styles, often by taking Eastern European sounds and putting them to a Latin beat. His hit 1959 album Bagels and Bongos sold two million copies and spawned a series of followups: Bikinis and Bongos, Champagne and Bongos, Pizza and Bongos and More Bagels and Bongos.

As a pianist with the Irving Fields Trio, he performed at many of the hot nightclubs of midcentury Manhattan–Copacabana, the Latin Quarter and Mermaid Room. Just months ago, he could still be heard performing at Nino’s Tuscany Steakhouse. He was 100 at the time.

Fields (August 4, 1915-August 20, 2016) had a humorous side to him (as if his “…and Bongos” albums aren’t proof enough). He composed and recorded “The YouTube Dot Com Theme Song,” which has been viewed over 800,000 times.

“Mazeltov Merengue” on Spotify