Fergus Miller (aka Bored Nothing), Australian “Shoegaze”Musician

Bliss”–Watch on YouTube

Fergus Miller performed under the stage name Bored Nothing and came to international attention after his 2012 self-titled debut. His second and final album, Some Songs, was released in 2014.

Miller (1990-October 9, 2016) listed as influences My Bloody Valentine, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Elliot Smith, and critics have noted the similarity in vocals (Elliot Smith) and in his “shoegaze” style of instrumentation (My Bloody Valentine). Shoegaze is a sub-genre of indie rock that emerged in the late ’80s/early ’90s and is defined by significant distortion of guitars, feedback and obscured vocals. British critics coined the term based on the shy stage presence of artists representing the signature sound. Shoegaze is also sometimes called “dream pop.”

A video of “Let Down” from his first LP has received nearly a million views on YouTube. It was directed by Abteen Bagheri, a writer/director based in Los Angeles.

“Let Down” on Spotify