Eugeniusz Rudnik, Polish Electroacoustic Pioneer

“Ptacy I Ludzie” (“Birds and People”)–Watch on YouTube

Eugeniusz Rudnik (October 28, 1932-October 24, 2016) was a sound engineer and avant-garde composer of ambient and electroacoustic music. He was a key architect of the “Polish school” of electroacoustic music that came out of Polish Radio’s Experimental Studio, which was founded in 1957.

Rudnik composed hundreds of compositions for radio, ballet, television and art installations. Not trained in classical composition, he drew his inspiration from the found music of technology. According to a post in “Collage,” one of his earliest compositions, had its roots in the hum of an amplifier from a Telefunk lamp console.

In a radio interview cited in the same post, Rudnik likened the sounds of technology to those of the human body: “There’s the pulse, there’s the subconscious gurgling of the blood in the arteries and veins which we don’t hear on a daily basis. You have to close the human in an insulated room to hear himself.”

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