Angus R. Grant, Scottish Fiddler for Shooglenifty

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Angus R. Grant (February 14, 1967-October 9, 2016) was the leader and fiddler of the Scottish band Shooglenifty, a band that defies easy description. It has been variously categorized as Scottish traditional, folk rock, “acid croft,” Celtic fusion,  techno ceilidh and hypnofolkadelia, with influences from alternative rock, electronica. The term “acid croft” was coined by Shooglenifty to describe a blend of traditional and modern music.

As for the band’s unusual name, Grant’s explanation appears in his obituary in The Telegraph: Shooglenifty is “just two nonsense Scottish words thrown together–’Nifty’ is obviously just nifty and ‘shoogle’ is to shake something. It’s saying you can have a good dance to it or have good sex to it.”

Grant learned to play fiddle from his father, a well-known traditional Scottish musician. The young Grant decided to move in new directions and became part of the band Swamptrash. Some of its members would eventually form Shooglenifty. The band has toured internationally, including a performance before Nelson Mandela.

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