The Late Great Music Revue was created as a tribute to recently deceased musicians and the music that made them famous.

The idea came while reading musicians’ obituaries in publications like The New York Times and Rolling Stone. While some notices were of familiar names, many more were not. In the process of reading them, I have discovered new genres and artists and have learned to appreciate the talents and legacies of musicians worldwide.

I’m not a music critic or musician (except for a decade’s worth of second-rate trombone). I’m not even that knowledgeable about music. I simply love it in all its many forms and seek to learn more. Join me if you’d like.

As much as possible, I’ll leave out my personal opinions. It’s not the purpose of the Revue to rate or rank, although I may include accolades as expressed through reviews, awards and sales charts.

I hope you enjoy spending a few minutes listening to and contemplating the work of artists featured in this site. Music is the product of both the heart and hard work, and those who devote their lives to its creation deserve our utmost respect and attention.

Eric Erickson is a creative marketing consultant and writer living in Minneapolis.


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