Mika Vainio, Experimental Electronic Artist, Formerly of Pan Sonic Duo

What’s In My Bag? at Amoeba Music – Watch on YouTube

I usually try to feature a video of the musician performing, I made an exception in this case. In this video produced by Amoeba Music in Hollywood, I think it’s fascinating to see what music Vainio was interested in, from blues to experimental bands to avant-garde composers.

Vainio was  Finnish electronic and experimental artist, who composed and performed in the duo Pan Sonic (known as Pansonic before 1998) before moving on to solo projects as ø and later, under his own name.

Music writers Sean Cooper and Andy Kellman sum up the duo this way: “Pursuing the jagged edges of minimal and hardcore techno, Pan Sonic earned an enduring association with industrial and noise music through their incorporation of antiseptic production techniques and power-tool electronics.”

Interview on Brainwashed.com – Watch on YouTube