Tony Terran, Trumpeter For The Wrecking Crew And Desi Arnaz

Intro Solo on “Granada” on I Love Lucy – Watch on YouTube

Tony Terran was one of those musicians who you might not know by name, but who you’ve probably heard on countless albums. As part of the famed “Wrecking Crew,” a group of L.A. session musicians that included Glenn Campbell, Leon Russell, Hal Ashby and Carol Kaye, Terran shows up on tracks for everyone from Sinatra to The Monkees.

Terran got an early break from bandleader Desi Arnaz, with whom he worked in the orchestra for Bob Hope’s radio showLater, when Arnaz and his wife Lucille Ball were starring in I Love Lucy, Terran was part of the show’s Ricky Ricardo Orchestra.

Terran would be a go-to trumpeter for other bandleaders, too, including Lalo Schiflin, Henry Mancini and Nelson Riddle.

Anthony “Tony” Terran, May 30, 1926-March 20, 2017

“I’ve Got A Crush On You,” trumpet solo with Linda Ronstadt and The Nelson Riddle Orchestra – Watch on YouTube