Gil Ray, Drummer for Game Theory and The Loud Family


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Gil Ray (September 17, 1956-January 24, 2017) was a drummer  for Game Theory and The Loud Family. He joined California-guitarist Scott Miller, who founded both bands. Game Theory’s magnus opus is Lolita Nation, a 1987 album. Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone called it “a head-spinning classic” and Stuart Batsford of Bucketful of Brains dubbed it “A work that ranks with the best music of the ’80s. Period.” Game Theory is often compared to Big Star, the band led by Alex Chilton. Like Big Star, Game Theory achieved much critical, but little, commercial success.

The Loud Family

The Loud Family emerged after Game Theory disbanded. It took its name from the family made famous on the PBS series An American Family. Although Ray did not join the band at its origin, he participated in the recording of its two final albums, Days for Days (1998) and Attractive Nuisance (2000). In a review of  a concert in support of the latter album, The Washington Post wrote “drummer Gil Ray’s inventiveness was a revelation.”

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