Tomislav Neralic, Croatian Bass-Baritone Opera Singer

Dafne, Dubrovnik, 1972 (Neralic makes entrance at 1:02:10 as Jupiter)–Watch on YouTube

Tomislav Neralic began what would be a 60-year career at age 18, when he appeared at age of 18 in a Zagreb production of Verdi’s Don Carlos. In the 1940s he was with the Vienna Opera and joined the Berlin Opera in 1955 where he remained for 40 years.

He sang his  famous role as Wotan from the Ring cycle in three languages: Croatian in Zagreb, Italian in Milan and German in Berlin.

Neralic performed nearly 150 opera roles during his career. He was considered one of the greatest Wagnerian singers of his time and received many awards, including the Croatian Porin award for lifetime achievement.

“Arija iz oratorija ‘Mesija,’ Doch der wir werd ertragen” on Spotify