Rob Meurer, Keyboardist and Collaborator with Christopher Cross

“Ride Like The Wind” on The Midnight Special–Watch on YouTube

I was driving in the country last weekend, when “Ride Like The Wind,” the Christopher Cross song from his Grammy-winning debut album, came on SiriusXM’s “mellow rock” channel, The Bridge. Several days later, I had a second Cross encounter, as he gave tribute to his former bandmate Rob Meurer, who was tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident.

Meurer (d. September 24, 2016), a fellow San Antonian, recorded and toured with Cross during the artist’s peak period in the early 80s. On his own website, Meurer states that he co-wrote over 50 songs with Cross and lists titles that made it on to six different Cross albums.

Besides Cross, Meurer toured with J.D. Souther and Karla Bonoff. He was a regular at Amigo Studios in LA and recorded tracks there with Carole King,  Johnny Otis and a demo of “Ave Maria” for The Neville Brothers. A fan of musical theater, Meurer was associated with the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and was lyricist for a recent musical, Helldrivers of Daytona.

“Ave Maria” from A Synth For Christmas on Spotify