Mandoza, South African kwaito hitmaker

“Sgantsontso”–Watch on YouTube

Mandoza, the stage name of Mduduzi´Edmund Tshabalala, was a star of kwaito, a genre that originated in South Africa. Kwaito resembles hip hop and house music, but has its own distinctive features. “It came from house, but we needed to put an African feel into it, so we added our own melodies, congas and basslines,” a kwaito producer explained to the BBC World Service.

Mandoza (January 19, 1978-September 18, 2016) sold over 10 million records during his career. His 2000 album Nkalakatha went multi-platinum and won the Best Kwaito Music Album in 2001.

Mandoza sang in English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa, which extended his appeal and enabled him to reach a crossover audience.

“Phunyuka Bamphethe” on Spotify