Bonnie Lou, Country Yodeler and Rockabilly Singer

“Tennessee Wig Walk,” 1953

Bonnie Lou (aka Sally Carson, Mary Kath) learned to yodel from her Swiss grandmother while growing up on an Illinois farm. She took up guitar at age 11 and by the time she was a teenager was appearing on country radio in Peoria.

“Lonesome Day” with Buster and Bonnie Lou

Bonnie Lou (October 27, 1924-December 8, 2015) migrated to Kansas City and then to Cincinnati, where she was a fixture for many years on the nationally syndicated “Midwestern Hayride” show and on the locally loved “Paul Dixon Show.”

Interview with Bonnie Lou

While busy with her local TV career, she passed on an RCA recording offer, which limited her reach. She did record for the King label and her “Tennessee Wig Walk” charted at #6 in the US and #4 in the UK. One of the first female rock-and-roll singers and among the first to cross over from country, Bonnie Lou was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.