Leon Bibb, Baritone Broadway and Folk Singer

“Rocks and Gravel” Live

Leon Bibb was a Broadway music performer who turned to folk singing after having difficulty finding roles for African-American men on the stage. This switch occurred as the Civil Rights movement expanded the audience for folk music. He performed at the first Newport Folk Festival in 1959.

“Sinner Man” in Luis Bunuel’s The Young One

Bibb (February 7, 1922-October 23, 2015) was a contemporary and friend of  Paul Robeson, who was godfather to his twin son and daughter. He performed frequently on Hootenanny and was host of a 1960s Someone New, a New York-based TV show that featured up-and-coming artists.

“Swing Low Sweet Chariot” with Son Eric Bibb

Bibb is the father of Eric Bibb, a noted acoustic guitarist now based in Finland. Father and son occasionally recorded and performed together.