Jamie Prefontaine, Member of Winnipeg’s Most Hip-Hop Group

“Runaway” by Brooklyn

Jamie Prefontaine (d. September 22, 2015), who went by the stage name Brooklyn, was a member of Winnipeg’s Most, a popular Canadian hip-hop group based in Manitoba. Two of the group’s members are aboriginal artists, and the trio won numerous Aboriginal People’s Choice Awards in both 2010 and 2011.

“Winnipeg Boy” Official Video

The group formed the Heatbag Records, which released recordings for a number of artists, including their own “Goodfellaz” album, “Northside Connection” mixtape and Brooklyn’s “Mind of a Heatbag.”

“All That I Know” Official Video

I don’t normally comment on artists’ passing, but in Brooklyn’s case I’ll make an exception. While some artists I have featured in the past may have died before their time, most had experienced a long and rich career. In Prefontaine’s case, he was just beginning his, which makes his passing particularly tragic.