Jim Ed Brown, Country Crooner

“Three Bells” by The Browns

Jim Ed Brown (March 1, 1934-June 11, 2015) had a series of Top 10 hits over the course of three decades, beginning with No. 1 “Three Bells,” which he recorded with his sisters Maxine and Bonnie as a member of The Browns.

“Pop-A-Top” on “The Marty Stuart Show”

He eventually left the family group to forge a solo career in the mid-1960s. The beer-drinking song “Pop-A-Top” made it to No. 3, but he didn’t chart nearly as high until the early 1970s with “Morning.”

He got back to No. 1 with a 1976 duet with Helen Cornelius, “I Don’t Want to Have to Marry You,” an ironic anthem to “free love.”

In between his infrequent hits Brown hosted his own TV show, “The Country Place,” and formed a backing group called the Gems at Sahara Tahoe’s Juniper Lounge.

“I Don’t Want to Have to Marry You” with Helen Cornelius

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  1. I used to work at the Sahara Tahoe. I may have been running change for the 2 zombies, … err, slot players in the Juniper Lounge as the Gems moved through one more set at 4:AM. Much of the talent on display in these empty lounges at all hours was quite often surprisingly good.
    Thanks for the post

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