Kayahan, Turkish Singer of Love Songs

Kayahan Acar (March 29, 1949-April 3, 2015), who went by the stage name Kayahan, was a best-selling singer of Turkish love songs. He composed his own songs and often accompanied himself on guitar.

Kayahan drew huge crowds to concerts. His 1992 Republic Day concert in Ankara’s Kizilay Square was before more than 60,000 fans. He often performed benefits in support of environmental causes. His last concert was on Valentine’s Day, when he performed with his wife Ipek Acar and the popular singer Nilufer in Istanbul.

Kayahan was awarded the Altin Portokal (“Golden Orange”) for the song “Geceler” (“Nights”) at the 1986 Mediterranean Music Contest. Representing Turkey in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest, his performance of “Gözlerinin Hapsindeyim” (“I’m Caught in Your Eyes”) came in 17th out of 22.

Kayahan recorded nearly two dozen albums, the most popular of which was 1991’s “Yemin Ettim” (“I Vow”).